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We moved to Ellensburg in 2020 when our son was three years old.  Before the move, he had been very quiet and did not have much social interaction due to COVID.  After we moved, he opened up some, almost like he was happy to be living here.  We made the decision to put him in Pre-School in the summer of 2021 so he could learn, meet people and move his life to the next level.  We did some research and asked around.  After touring Sunflower Pre-School with Ms. Katrina and discussing with her the plans she had for instruction, we decided to give it a try.


Ms. Katrina and her staff have had a huge impact on our son's life.  He talks more than ever, enjoys meeting other people, and engages in activities no matter where we are.  He is constantly talking about his teachers, fellow students, the activities that they do, and brings home the joy he finds at school to our home.  The difference pre-school has made for our child has been a night and day difference in his intelligence and his personality from when we moved here until now.  We are amazed at the skill and dedication of the Sunflower staff, and it shows in our child's growth.


Maddie has really excelled since starting school! I really appreciate everything you and Miss Lauren have done to help and teach Maddie! She absolutely loves school and is always excited to go! I am so grateful for you guys!


When I started considering Preschools for Lilah it just so happened Sunflower Preschool was popping up right in my backyard! I met David as they built the fence for the playground area outside. He kindly gave me a tour of the school. I was impressed at the cleanliness, organization of each room, and how I felt right at home! I knew it was going to be a great fit for Lilah. She was going to love it! And boy was I right, she certainly did.

Miss Katrina and her crew are the most welcoming, kind and positive group by far from everything else I had experienced. And as a Mom we only want what’s best for our children. The amount of dedication and compassion they have has made the transition into school that much easier.


Every day we feel welcomed, every day we feel important and each day that passes I can see how much more preschool has benefited Lilah. She has grown and learned so much in a short time attending Sunflower Preschool! I couldn’t be happier for Lilah! 


My husband and I were very eager to get our daughter into preschool. She was in desperate need of more socialization as well as structure around learning. So when I came across posts and videos about a new preschool opening up in Ellensburg I was super excited!

We met Ms. Katrina and Dr. D in the spring and did a tour of Sunflower Preschool. They were very personable and very welcoming to our family of 6 visiting the school for the tour. Right away we felt comfortable with the environment, schedule, and most of all the staff!

Madilynn has now been in school for about 6 months and it blows us away on how different of a person she has become. She is truly one smart cookie and her verbal skills have flourished! She started school communicating very little with words and now talks all the time and can communicate her needs well. She enjoys everyday at school and loves to talk about her teachers and fellow classmates. I can safely say that preschool has really helped our child grow in many ways! We are so grateful for Sunflower School, Ms. Katrina, Ms. Lauren, and Dr D!


As a single mom of 2, and working a full time career, I knew this would be the perfect fit for little Otto!

He relishes in ALL that he learns!  Everything from letters of the alphabet, to counting, practicing being a good friend, and making good choices. He has learned about weather, animals, colors, science (magnets and salt crystals!) reading and singing!!

His mind is constantly challenged and rewarded, because Miss Katrina and the staff are top notch! They are compassionate and light hearted. As a parent, I also know I can participate.  We have been able to show up for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas style parties and the upcoming Valentine’s!


Thank you for nurturing my child. He is thriving and making strides as an individual. It takes a village, and I am thankful that YOU are a part of our village!! 5 stars for Sunflower Preschool

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